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Russell Mitchell, Principal Lawyer & Director

Russell is the Principal of R. Mitchell Lawyer and has over 30 years experience working as both a Barrister and Solicitor based in Melbourne, Australia.  He established R. Mitchell Lawyer in 2018 as a boutique law firm that can provide approachable and dedicated legal expertise to individuals and small to medium sized businesses. Importantly, R. Mitchell Lawyer provides legal expertise that is affordable.


Prior to establishing R. Mitchell Lawyer, Russell has worked as a Partner, Director and Principal at firms including Marshalls+Dent+Wilmoth,  Wilmoth Field Warne Lawyers and Eggleston Mitchell Lawyers.  Additionally, Russell has over 10 years experience as a Barrister at the Victorian Bar.

Legal Expertise & Experience

Russell has expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Insurance claims including professional indemnity, product liability, public liability, fire, theft, water and motor vehicle damage. 
  • Credit disputes. Russell was involved in the introduction of the Consumer Credit Code and was appointed to the Commonwealth Government Consumer Credit Panel. 
  • Franchising disputes. Russell has been involved in a large number of disputes acting on behalf of franchisees. 
  • Privacy disputes: Russell has successfully litigated against Veda and Baycorp. 
  • Employment disputes acting on behalf of employees. 
  • Commercial disputes including mortgages and guarantees.
  • General debt collection and enforcement action. 
  • Bankruptcy disputes. Russell is a former lecturer in Bankruptcy and has been involved in some leading cases in Bankruptcy. 
  • Will disputes including applications under Part IV of the Administration and Probate Act 1958. 
  • Horticultural and Agricultural disputes. Russell was involved in the introduction of the Horticultural Code. 
  • Wine industry disputes. Russell developed the Australian Wine Grape Growers Code for the Wine industry. 
  • Criminal matters including family intervention orders.


Russell appears as an independent Barrister for the following civil disputes:

Magistrate’s Court

  • Motor vehicle insurance claims
  • Consumer credit disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Commercial disputes including mortgages and guarantees
  • Franchise disputes
  • Privacy disputes
  • Domestic violence applications

Federal and Supreme Courts

  • Winding up applications
  • Bankruptcy applications 

Contact Russell

Russell is highly approachable and dedicated to providing legal expertise that is affordable.  Call Russell on 0412 275 063 or email rmitchelllawyer@outlook.com for a free consultation.